The BIG Difference
Fundraising Push

The Big Difference fundraising push is about encouraging you to raise money to support the Fellowship’s work in making a big difference by bringing people affected by albinism together

Our principal activity is to organise events like conferences, family/information days and social groups that bring people together to learn about and share experiences of albinism in relaxed settings.

We need to raise more money to make these events happen, especially our upcoming Ireland one day conference in September and the Family Weekend Conference in England in 2015.

We used Albinism Awareness Week in July 2012 to kick off The BIG Difference, a fundraising push to generate as much voluntary income as we can towards future events.

How can you help? There are lots of ways you can help by fundraising for us. Here are just a few ideas:

When you’ve decided what you are going to do to help fundraise for us, please contact us with the details and we will add them to our fundraising news page.

Let us know:

  1. Who you are & where you live
  2. What you are doing to fundraise
  3. When you are doing it
  4. If the event is open to members in your area to help and support

Go on! Help make The BIG Difference! Thanks for your support and good luck!
Whatever you raise it will make a big difference to our work.