Albinism Articles

Albinism Fellowship Leaflet - (PDF)

A one-page leaflet introducing albinism and the Albinism Fellowship.

Understanding Albinism - (MS Word) (PDF)

A useful guide for parents, teachers, or anyone else wishing to find out the basics of Albinism.

Sun Protection Fact-Sheet - (MS Word) (PDF)

A guide to the dangers that the Sun can pose to people with Albinism, and the best ways to protect against them - Especially useful for parents of young children with Albinism.

Cycling and Albinism - (MS Word) (PDF)

Martin Lang, who has a daughter with albinism, explains some of the challenges for people with albinism who cycle, and ways of overcoming them.

Albinism, Spectacles & the need for vision correction - (MS Word) (PDF)

An article by Dr. Barbara Käsmann-Kellner, from a back-issue of our newsletter, stressing the importance of providing vision correction for people with albinism.
We apologise for the poor quality of the table, unfortunately it had to be scanned in from a paper copy of the original article.

Albinism FAQ - (MS Word) (PDF)

A downloadable version of the Albinism 'Frequently Asked Questions' page on this site.

NB Magazine article on albinism - (PDF)

Article on albinism from the December 2009 issue of NB Magazine.
For more information on NB Magazine, please see

All About Albinism Presentation - (MS Powerpoint, PDF)

A basic presentation about albinism aimed at school aged children.
Great for use in an assembly or for 'show-and-tell' in class.
You are welcome to use and modify the presentation to suit the audience, but please do not re-publish the pictures without permission.